Our story

Oaxacan food is one of Mexico’s most celebrated and complex cuisines. Mezcal Owner and Oaxacan native Adolfo Gomez moved to San Jose from Oaxaca, Mexico, 20 years ago. Gomez served as the Operations Manager at the Silicon Valley Capital Club restaurant for 10 years and also worked on opening Mezcal for five years. Longing for Oaxacan food and the tastes of  home, Gomez’s vision of Mezcal Restaurant was realized in November 2008 and was voted one of the “2009 Best New Restaurants” by Metro Newspaper. Bringing the rich flavors of Oaxaca to San Jose, Mezcal Restaurant specializes in three Oaxacan moles (sauces) – Estofado, Coloradito and Mole Negro – all family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

For the more adventurous food-lover Mezcal also serves chapulines (fried grasshoppers) a common and delicious snack found throughout Oaxaca. Whatever your palate maybe Mezcal strives to satisfy each of  its customers with its traditional, fresh and authentic cuisine.

Mezcal’s chef – Octavio Gomez

Octavio Gomez, brother of Adolfo Gomez, moved to San Jose from Oaxaca just over 10 years ago.

While growing up in Oaxaca he always helped his mother and sisters in the kitchen. Cooking became his passion, but little did he know he’d be re-creating his mother and grandmother’s traditional Oaxacan dishes in his family’s San Jose restaurant. From Southern Mexico to Northern California nothing has changed – in Mezcal’s kitchen you will find Octavio working alongside his mother who has joined him from Oaxaca to help ensure all the spices, flavors and family recipes remain exactly the way they’ve been for generations. From the beautifully-plated food to the unique flavors served in each dish, Octavio takes great pride in learning from the best – his mother– and making his home-style cuisine for customers who are ready for a true Oaxacan experience.

Oaxacan cuisine

The Southern Mexican State of Oaxaca produces cuisine known for its freshness due to its proximity to an abundance of resources: fruits and vegetables grown in Oaxaca’s central valley, tropical fruits in the North, and fish and shellfish from the Pacific Ocean on Oaxaca’s Southern shoreline.

Perhaps the most notable aspect of Oaxacan cuisine is the variety of moles, a type of complex sauce, with many being indigenous recipes passed down from generation to generation. Mezcal’s own three moles (Estofado, Coloradito, Mole Negro) are no exception as they too are family recipes passed down through generations

While Oaxacan cuisine is obviously considered Mexican food, it also contains a French flair due to the influx of French immigrants into the Oaxacan region during the 1800’s. This influx resulted in a bold fusion of New World French flavors and Old World indigenous ingredients, creating the Oaxacan cuisine we know today. This is the cuisine Mezcal Restaurant is proud to present to its customers. We hope you enjoy. Provecho!