25 W. San Fernando St. San Jose, CA. 95113
Telephone number:
(408) 283-9595


Welcome to our Restaurant!

Located in Downtown San Jose, Mezcal boasts one of the most distinctive dining rooms in San Jose.  The brick exterior, metal work and indigenous Mexican motifs, sets the restaurant apart from its neighbors. Although the design is urban upscale, there is nothing watered down about the menu.  Mezcal proudly serves authentic Oaxacan regional cuisine utilizing family recipes passed on from previous generations.

Mezcal specializes in homemade moles that include, Estofado, a sweet mole made of mild tomatillos and peanuts, Coloradito, a red mole made of tomatoes and chiles de arbol, and the very popular Mole Negro that is deeply complex with a mixture of chiles, chocolate and spices.For the more adventurous, a Oaxacan menu would not be complete without Chapulines (fried grasshoppers), which are sautéed with garlic, lime and salt served as a delicious appetizer. Proprietor Adolfo Gomez is an Ambassador of Tequila and Mezcal, the lesser-known sibling of Tequila.  On any given evening, join Adolfo at his bar for a Tequila or Mezcal tasting and learn something new about Mexico’s most deeply and culturally-rooted products.

Doña Libo

Doña Libo takes pleasure in introducing people to the delights of Oaxacan food with its wide range of flavors and spices. She has been cooking Oaxacan food all of her life, learning from her mother and grandmother back home in Oaxaca. Doña Libo had a catering business in Oaxaca before coming to San Jose to help the family open the restaurant. The restaurant’s dishes are derived from her recipes and along with her son, Mezcal Chef Octavio Gomez, they ensure each plate meets their high standards before leaving the kitchen. She works diligently with Octavio to successfully pass along the secrets of her magnificent cuisine.